A Thin Illusion


Lying on my morning bed
light dawning in stillness
I wake from America’s dream
it’s images spiraling away
snuffed, as a candle’s wick, out.
Diffused with poisons in it’s past
it could not last the night.

It is my drowsy awakening, ours,
to a harsh and revealing sight
the world new in the day’s light
now we have opened our eyes
to see what has always been
while we hid behind a thin illusion,
a finely crafted veil hiding nothing.

The shining ideal, well meant but never true,
called to us in our darkness
deceived and mesmerized us – a chimera
until we forgot it was but kindling
for the refining fire of true democracy –
all equal and welcome – none forgotten.

Awaken, awaken, America!
A more perfect union awaits
but not if we sleep and dream
or if, in our drowsing slumbers,
we allow to awaken again and again
our loathsome and beckoning demons.

Portland, Oregon – February 17, 2018